Outdoor Events at Madison on the Hill

Clark Street Photography

Clark Street Photography


Open Fields & Mountain Views

We believe that every outdoor wedding should include mountain views! That’s why we’ve created an outdoor event space just minutes from our indoor venue! Madison on the Hill is just 2 right turns away from the Mill, an easy drive if you want an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception! We also book ceremonies AND tented receptions on the Hill.


The Options

Fully Outdoor Wedding on the Hill

This will include the tent, parking, & restrooms. It will not include tables & chairs for the ceremony & reception (YET!), but those can be easily rented from one of our favorite rental companies! This option will NOT include using our indoor space in case of inclement weather UNLESS it happens to be available & you pay for the indoor rental fee. The rain back up for the ceremony will be inside the tent.

Fully Outdoor Wedding on the Hill with Rain Backup inside at Madison at the Mill

This is THE best rain plan you could ever have, but it will include booking and paying in full for Madison on the Hill AND Madison at the Mill. Otherwise, we could have a different wedding booked indoors, and it would be unavailable for your rain backup.

Outdoor Ceremony on the Hill, Reception inside at Madison at the Mill

Again, a great rain plan that will include booking & paying for the Hill AND the Mill.

And of course, you can still book your fully indoor wedding at Madison the Mill!

Our hope is that couples will want to come out to tour both spaces in order to understand their options and choose what will make their wedding day feel like the day they’ve always dreamed of! For pricing and availability, please email events@madisonatthemill.com.