Why Madison at the Mill?

This blog post may seem a BIT biased.  ;)  Robert and I have put a lot of heart into this place.  In fact, when he started handing more and more control over to me, he said, "This is my baby now, don't mess it up!"  We KIND of love the place, but we have found that everyone who visits us here really loves the Mill, too.  I will never get tired of people gasping when they walk into our main space AND our bathrooms.  So, I'm going to tell you few reasons that hosting your wedding at Madison at the Mill is the best decision you'll ever make.  :)

We're one-of-a-kind.  You won't find a venue quite like ours anywhere else!  Because Madison at the Mill was once a silk factory, it has real character.  We kept the original hardwood floors and all the original piping in the ceiling that gives our space that industrial vibe that is truly something different.  Of course, we had to add some glam, so we brought in 10+ chandeliers and other cool lighting to give our space the "industrial chic" vibe that we love!  Plus, a lot of couples feel that they don't have to invest a ton of time and money into decor because the venue really holds its own!  But you'll have to come take a tour and decide for yourselves!  ;)

Orange is full of amazing vendors.  As a matter of fact, right here in our building we house Roadside Chive (BEYOND awesome catering), Briarwood Florists (our favorite flower experts!), Med Spa of Orange (luxurious hair, makeup, and spa services), and Silk Mill Grille (a great spot for your rehearsal dinner and Robert & I's favorite place to eat).  And that's just in our building!  Within about a mile, we have Round Hill Inn, Beggar's Banquet Event Rentals, Gibson Rentals, Forked on Main, Chestnut Hill Bed & Breakfast, The Inn at Willow Grove, and SO many other amazing businesses!  

Tables & Chairs are included.  No need to rent these from someone else!  We include the use of our beautiful handmade tables.  They are actually made right downstairs in our wood shop from local recycled wood, and people adore these!  In fact, we rarely see anyone bring in linens because they hate to cover them!  We are also happy to provide your choice of gold, black, or natural finish Chivrari chairs.  This makes set up easier AND frees up some of your budget for other fun rentals like cool flatware and linens!

Tall + Small Photography with Amanda Day Rose

Tall + Small Photography with Amanda Day Rose

It's all in the family.  I've mentioned on the blog before that we are an entirely family run operation.  We are the construction company, the decorators, the coordinators, the sales directors, the maintenance staff -- you name it, we do it.  As a consumer, I think there's something really special about businesses that are run by families, and I think there's something even more special about seeing the owner of the business at every event.  When the owners are so involved, you know everything is done with excessive care and attention to detail.  From our bathrooms to making sure the ice machine is always stocked and clearing the parking lot of snow for winter weddings, we are on top our game.  But to be honest, Robert just makes sure he's at the weddings to taste the catering . . . you know, to make sure we'll recommend them to YOU! ;)

NO Catering Requirements.  The food and caterer you choose is up to you.  We do not have any food & beverage minimums because we believe in leaving those details up to the experts: the caterers!  While we have a list of caterers we love, we do not charge any fees for using someone who is not on our list.  

We're getting BIGGER.  That's right, Madison at the Mill will be getting bigger once our 2017 events are complete!!  We are expanding the main banquet hall to accommodate even larger weddings.  We get quite a few requests for 300+ guest events, so we will be able to accommodate next year!

Never fear though -- you'll still be able section off a smaller part of the space to host more intimate events without feelings like you're being swallowed up by space!  Plus, we'll be working on our FULL CATERING KITCHEN* and bride and groom suites!  It's all due to complete by a very special event we're hosting at the end of May: Robert's little sister's wedding!

*We won't be offering catering ourselves, but the kitchen will make it super easy for you to bring in your own caterer!