Your Questions ANSWERED!

Fun fact: I've been answering some of the emails for Madison at the Mill since we HAD an email account!  That's two years of seeing all the great questions people ask about hosting a wedding here at the Mill with us AND navigating our little town of Orange.  So, here's a quick run down of some of our most frequently asked questions!  

How many people can you accommodate?

For weddings taking place PRIOR to May 2018, we can accommodate 200 seated and 250 for a cocktail style event.  After May 2018, our expansion will be complete and we will be able to fit 350 seated.  Our full catering kitchen will also be complete after May 2018 as well, and we're super excited about that!

Can we bring in our own caterer?

You sure can!  We have great caterers that we recommend and who are familiar with our venue, but you are welcome to bring in whoever you like.  There are no fees for using vendors not on our recommended list.

Are there hotels nearby?  

YES!  Less than a mile from the Mill, you'll find Round Hill Inn with its gorgeous mountain views!  We also have a Comfort Inn nearby as well as some great bed and breakfasts! Check here for a list of nearby hotels and B&Bs.

You can also check out THIS BLOG POST for some fun local activities to make your wedding weekend unforgettable!

Are tables and chairs included?

YES!  With your rental fee, you will have use of our handmade tables made of reclaimed wood (pictured below!) AND our selection of Chiavari chairs in natural wood, gold, black, or a combination.

Ashley Vanley Photography

Ashley Vanley Photography

Do we have to get an ABC license?

YES.  If you will be bringing in your own alcohol (beer, wine, liquor, anything), you do need to get a banquet ABC license in your name for the day of your event.  You can find more info about that HERE.

Do we have to get event insurance?

YES.  We RECOMMEND getting event insurance if your event doesn't have alcohol.  We understand that getting event insurance for a 4 hour bridal shower is a little overkill.  However, if your event DOES have alcohol, we REQUIRE event insurance.  Our insurance agent highly recommends  Get yourself a million dollar policy for the day of your event, send us a copy, and you're done!

If you have more questions about hosting a wedding or event at Madison at the Mill, we would love to hear from you!  We're open to hosting birthday parties, reunions, corporate retreats, seminars, meetings, AND styled shoots!  Just email with your questions and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!