Welcome to the Madison at the Mill Blog!

That's right, we're blogging!  Well, I am.  My name is Shalese, and I'm the venue coordinator and social media manager for Madison at the Mill.  I have recently moved BACK to my hometown of Orange, VA after spending about 3.5 years in Richmond.  Since Robert and his family started operating Madison at the Mill nearly two years ago, I've been working behind the scenes on all of the web and social media presence.  Because that's what awesome girlfriends do!!

So, now that I'm back from Richmond, I'm focusing more of my attention on Madison at the Mill.  Honestly, I'm so proud of this place.  It is such a family-oriented operation: Robert's dad and his construction crew renovated the space, his mom & sister made all the amazing decor choices and have helped run events, and his future brother-in-law is our resident architect AND he made all of our beautiful wooden signs.  Robert has been doing ALL of the tours and events and emailing and phone calling, and he's been GREAT at it!! But I think he's ready to leave some of the "girly wedding planning talk" to me.  ;) 

And I DO love the girly wedding planning talk!  In Richmond, I worked for Richmond Weddings, a magazine and website dedicated to all things weddings, and I've been a wedding photographer since 2012.  You can say that I KIND OF love weddings.  I'm so excited to get to know all of our couples and show of this gem we have in good ol' Orange!  


So, please drop in and say if you've never seen Madison at the Mill or shoot us an email at events@madisonatthemill.com.  I would love to show you around . . . we're especially proud of our fancy bathrooms.  It sounds weird, I know.  But people gasp when they see them, so you've got to come check it out yourself!  

Now, what's this blog going to be all about?  I hope to share some great tips for hosting and planning ALL of your wedding events, whether they're at the Mill or not, as well as some photos from weddings and events here.  We host weddings, bridal and baby showers, family reunions, fundraisers, quinceañeras, birthday parties . . . whatever you can think of!  We'll also be sharing the process of our big EXPANSION happening in late 2017.  ;)  So stay tuned -- it's going to be good!

See you soon!